World Dial Codes

 South Africa

South Africa Phone Code: 27

Pretoria Area Code: 12

Pretoria Dial Code: +27 12

  Pretoria Time


Philippines Phone Code: 63

Manila Area Code: 2

Manila Dial Code: +63 2

  Manila Time


Jamaica Phone Code: 1876

Kingston Area Code: 770

Kingston Dial Code: +1876 770

  Kingston Time


Spain Phone Code: 34

Madrid Area Code: 91

Madrid Dial Code: +34 91

  Madrid Time

 United States

United States Phone Code: 1

Washington Area Code: 202

Washington Dial Code: +1 202

  Washington Time

 Samoa (American)

Samoa (American) Phone Code: 1684

Apia Area Code:

Apia Dial Code: +1684

  Apia Time


Argentina Phone Code: 54

Buenos Aires Area Code: 11

Buenos Aires Dial Code: +54 11

  Buenos Aires Time
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